About Us


“What is Digital Marketing” was started by Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi CEO, Extensive Ideas with an aim to provide digital marketing knowledge to all at free of cost. With the available in-depth and detailed contents about all the aspects of Digital marketing, it is undoubtedly one of the easiest digital Marketing training sites across the globe. Our target is to bring up all topics connected to digital marketing and explain them in a lucid and newbie friendly way. Gradually the site will move on to a category based system with search facility to better guide you to subjects that need attention.


We notice many students who once used to be passionate about Digital Marketing leave it due to lack of funding or they lose faith on digital marketing as a good career option. But this is all because of the absence of proper guidance. The availability of more than required and often conflicting content on the internet that also with a presence in an unstructured manner actually confuses many and builds a negative view towards digital marketing. While in reality, it is interesting, thought provoking and require a high intellect. Which can also give you a great career with a lot of scope for work. You may even work as a freelance digital marketer, optimizer, designer, PPC manager, keyword analyzer and digital marketing planner and in many other roles.


But many are missing out on these opportunities due to lack of proper systematic availability of knowledge base. Which we have tried to build here with a hope to increase awareness on the topics related to Digital Marketing and increase involvement.


How it can benefit students :

1. They can use it to learn digital marketing.

2. They can enhance their current knowledge.

3. Rectify their learning difficulties and move ahead with a proper knowledge.

4. Use as help site during their training phase.

5. Get instant help and correction in their planning.

6. We provide all learners of digital marketing a free help in our Google+ Community so you can also join it.

How it can benefit Corporate Houses or Companies :

1. It can be used to train employees.

2. A free resource will help plan digital marketing and PPC with social media marketing.

3. Guide for companies about their future steps of marketing.

4. Guide for a better and effective search presence.

5. Build a proper social media presence.

All companies are requested to contact us for a free analysis and plan of digital marketing for better response and increased ROI. You can contact us here : https://whatisdigitalmarketing.in/contact-us/ or in the following links:

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