Targeting and attracting global traffic or an audience is the sole aim of every business, with an online presence, as without that one cannot think of expanding their horizons for a long term. Here, in this regard, you might think that getting traffic or building a global audience might need you to make bigger investments. It is true that mainly for translations, localizations, ccTLDs, ads and other factors you have to engage and invest in middlemen, and but you yourself can do much better than that. You need to keep one thing in mind, that the web itself is the largest sales platform, and here all the services and products that you are selling have great potential to gain popularity and enough exposure, even in abroad. That is to say, if you are selling or marketing any digital products that are scalable and can be distributed online, then you need to use content monetization engines like the Amazon’s Kindle, and Udemy Online Courses for distributing your products. This will certainly help you to achieve a global reach with zero costs to set up your business at a global level online. Since people will discover your products from these sites in abroad countries like UK, USA, Canada, Germany, you will easily able to reach a global audience and build an identity. Therefore, you need to get familiar with the global search patterns for keywords you are targeting for your business. This is a global market, where a person even from the farthest corner of the earth can become your potential client.

Tips To Reach Global Audience:

  • Content Marketing: Here we focus on building quality content for a website’s internal and external use. While building content, we need to keep them connected. If they are connected they will yield better output and have more value.
  • Search Engine Optimization: With SEO we can bring more and targeted traffic to our website or any other online property. It’s done with a long and detailed process of On Page Correction, Increasing Site Load Speed and enhance the quality of Off Page Position.
  • Social Media Optimization: It’s a great crowd puller for your content and website. It offers you many ways to increase sales and interaction on your application or website. While doing so, it also provides scope to get direct sales from its internal exchange of social data. Currently, Google is in talk with Facebook and Twitter to list their posted threads and pull content from social media accounts to highlight in Google’s search engine results page.
  • Pay Per Click Advertisement: PPC has wider and better scope to increase productivity out of the online property which we are promoting. This is because it provides you the best positional marketing and an approach where resources are best used.
  • Audio Search Optimization: This is coming as a new and modern method of content optimization, which will have a significant impact on our content strategy for the future. This will not only help you in bringing good reference but will also give your users an easy method to interact with your content.
  • Video Search Optimization: As video search is going to gradually replace text search, we are entering a new age where we don’t want to read. Rather, we want to hear and see an interesting and intriguing description of content through video representation.

Tips to analyse the Global Audience data with Analytics Tools:

  • Monitor Your Global Traffic By Using Google Analytics Geo Reports– If more than 56% of your web traffic comes from abroad, then you can use Geo Reports of Google analytics to boost your global reach. This tool does come with conversion and traffic data that lets you get detailed insights that help you to understand the behavior pattern of your global visitors.
  • Use Google Trends To Identify Market Potential– Google Trends is a great place to begin crafting your strategy for global content. Say, traffic for the keyword ‘SEO Company’ is high in countries like Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore. Then you can cater all your content around that, especially to market or promote in these countries.
  • Create Native Content For A Global Audience– If you have proper knowledge of global search patterns, you can easily create native content in English targeted exclusively for global clients. Say if you are getting traffic from native speakers residing in the UK, then you must write your content in good quality British English.
  • Choose Your Target Countries – With Google Analytics you can easily choose your target countries. So for that, first you need to analyze the global market to find areas where your service could have maximum demand. Once you find that, you can easily target those countries from abroad through your Google Analytics dashboard itself. In this way, you not only can boost your global reach but also can increase your chance of getting a conversion.

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