Blue star AC service centre in Kolkata with Blue star fridge service centre

  • A1 Service Kolkata 09051428281 / 8584909900
  • BM Enterprise
  • Deep Services
  • Roy Service Center
  • Sanjay Refrigeration
  • N S Cooling Solution
  • Kanak Enterprise
  • Blue Star AC Service Centre Kolkata
  • Blue Star
  • Blue Star Service Center
  • Blue Star Service Center
  • Blue Star Service Centre
  • Blue star Service Center
  • Blue Star Service Centre
  • Blue Star Service centre Kolkata,AC center Ballygunge
  • Blue Star Service centre Kolkata,Ac fridge center Alipore
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Blue star AC service centre in Kolkata with Blue star fridge service centre

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Blue Star AC Service Centres in Kolkata:

1.  A1 Service Kolkata

Address: 77 Milan Pally, Desha Priya Nagar,, Belgharia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700056
Phone: 085849 09900

2. BM Enterprise
Address: 10/1, Kamalgachi Road, Narendrapur, Kolkata – 700103

3. Deep Services
Address: 22/2, Ganganagar, Kolkata – 700132

4. Roy Service Center
Address: Babu Para Dakshin, Mashyamgram. Barasat, Madhyamgram Bazar, Kolkata – 700130

5. Sanjay Refrigeration
Address: 21/1, M B SARANI(more avenue), Kolkata – 700040

6. N S Cooling Solution
Address: 7B, New kasia Bagan lane, Kolkata – 700017

7. Kanak Enterprise
Address: Ganganagar Ganti Purba Sarada Pally, Ganganagar, Kolkata – 700132

8. Blue Star AC Service Centre Kolkata
Address: 10B, Lake Road, Rashbehari Avenue, Blue Star AC Service Centre Kolkata, Southern Ave, Kalighat, Kolkata – 700026

9. Blue Star
Address: 87A, Blue Star, Rash Behari Ave Rd, Lake Market, Kolkata – 700029

10. Blue Star Service Center
Address: 27/1/H/2, B B Ganguly Street, Bowbazar, Kolkata – 700012

11. Blue Star Service Center
Address: Hatinagan Mainj Road, Ultadanga, Kolkata – 700067, Near Hatinagan

12. Blue Star Service Centre
Address: 66 Garia Bus Stand, Garia Station Road, Garia, Kolkata – 700084, Garia Bus Stand

13. Blue star Service Center
Address: 32 no, Newtown road, Rajarhat, Kolkata – 700135, Near Newtown Bus Stand

14. Blue Star Service Centre
Address: Lenin Sarani, Dharmatala, Kolkata – 700013, Hind Inox

15. Blue Star Service centre Kolkata,AC center Ballygunge
Address: 756, Ballygunge Place, Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700019

16. Blue Star Service centre Kolkata,Ac fridge center Alipore
Address: 34/, 8/3, Alipore Rd, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata – 700027


Blue-star Customer Care Number Kolkata
Contact Number: 1800 209 1177
Online Support: Click Here


Most men and women know nicely enough that summer season temperatures are hard to deal. In fact, so significantly of your comfy, modern day, healthy lifestyle is dependent on technology and products that permanently separate you from the elevated temperatures and carcinogenic sunlight that are in full swing this time of 12 months.

You most likely have several gadgets to thank for keeping you fresh and comfortable. Nonetheless, you ought to do much more than thanking them simply because they are not only beneficial luxuries but reliable necessities during the summer time. You could not comprehend that you are essentially overusing the following machines. These three issues are going to want a significant checkup right after the summer season ends.

1. Your Vehicle Air Conditioner

Driving can be a critical chore during the summer. Everybody knows the feeling of sitting in a hot vehicle and hopping in the seat or possessing to flip on the air conditioner and allow the impressive interior down before you can even touch the sizzling clutch, steering wheel, or controls.

Driving with air conditioning is a necessity. Even though some people like to roll down their windows to conserve fuel, this can have the opposite result at high speeds, as wind resistance can force your car to work harder to match your optimal driving velocity. Of course, many men and women die every single yr from sitting in hot vehicles, so the only answer is blasting the AC. Sadly, this last function for some minutes at a time–forcing your unit to take your automobile from 115 degrees down to 72 very quickly–can dress in out the car’s AC unit. The remedy, however, is not to refuse to use it. Rather, put up screens to block the sunlight, which will hold internal temperatures down, and get your AC unit checked if it becomes slow, unresponsive, or leaky.

2. Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Another gadget that is essential, your fridge/freezer requirements to operate tough to preserve out summer heat and hold your meals fresh. It is vital for your well-being and to prevent funds wasting that this machine can maintain food at its perfect temperature and preserve it for your future consumption.

Of program, the hotter it is outdoors, the tougher it has to operate, especially since cold food items and drinks are very comforting for the duration of the summertime. You are also more very likely to use ice several times a day, which forces your freezer to operate difficult to meet your demands.
While you can try out flipping your breaker if both elements of the refrigerator/freezer get noisy or stop cooling, this is not constantly successful, and you may need to have skilled upkeep services. To avert a food loss catastrophe, have the unit inspected at the finish of summer season to make certain it survived the heat.

3. Your Home’s AC

Even in cooler climates, summer heat can make air conditioning in Denver a necessity. Because even a properly insulated house can absorb outside temperatures, your home’s temperature can attain nicely into the 90s without AC. It is serious heat to try out to endure. Thankfully, most men and women just run their air conditioner harder rather than try to deal with severe temperatures.

While you can cover your windows, insulate and ventilate your attic, and raise the AC temperature when you leave home, your air conditioner even now has to work incredibly hard to meet your needs. For these motives, problems like an unresponsive AC unit, blowing hot air, leaking or ice on the premises, or foul-smelling air are typical issues house owners face, even with a leading-of-the-line air conditioner. You will need to have to have a professional technician evaluate your machine and assess any damage that is typical of an engine that is currently being overworked. It would also be a good idea to have the unit inspected right after the summer season ends to see if it tolerated the hot season and nonetheless has the capability to cool your way using mid-autumn.

No matter whether or not you uncover obvious issues with the above machines during the summertime, it is a good concept to have them inspected right after summertime ends. Like the human physique after a tough exercise, these devices will need to have rest and recovery right after many months of extreme or non-end work. Make your house air conditioning in Denver a prime priority, as trying to dwell without AC will be genuinely miserable.