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What is Digital Marketing?

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“What is Digital Marketing” was started by Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi CEO, Extensive Ideas with an aim to provide digital marketing knowledge to all at free of cost. With the available in-depth and detailed contents about all the aspects of Digital marketing, it is undoubtedly one of the easiest digital Marketing training sites across the globe. Our target is to bring up all topics connected to digital marketing and explain them in a lucid and newbie friendly way. Gradually the site will move on to a category based system with search facility to better guide you to subjects that need attention.

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Best digital marketing course in kolkata

Best digital marketing trainer in kolkata 

Proving our course best digital marketing course in kolkata we bring most extensive curriculum for our students. Our Renowned digital marketing trainer in kolkata Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi, IIM, Calcutta, Has Trained IITian’s at IIT, Kharagpur, Deliverd training at IIM, Calcutta, MBA students of Army Institute of Management, Kolkata and Students of the University of Montpellier Read the University Letter Delivering Digital Marketing Training at IIT, Kharagpur. Delivered Digital Marketing Training at Army Institute of Management, Kolkata

Digital Marketing Training deliverd at iim, iit, aim

How Digital Marketing Change Happened

Since the time of 2010 Digital Marketing has Changed a lot. Getting a promising career in digital marketing then was not possible. Companies from across the world stuck in the old marketing methods and focusing on digital marketing growth. It is leading an increase in Digital Marketing jobs which is far from any realistic idea, career options both neither changing or growing whether its India or many other countries.

Market forces and evolving technologies both created a compulsive environment to start digital marketing or stop the business. Digital Marketing industry received good interest from both buyers and investors taking it to $68 billion worth. But other sectors kept a snail-paced growth of only 6 to 11 per cent. The 45% growth rate for digital marketing as analysed by many sources made it clear it’s the next future technology that will drive business. It achieved a robust hold in the market in flying time. It created a new era of job opportunities. It opened a new bright scope for students from any discipline. The traditional belief of Engineering or any other degree replaced as people with simple graduation and industry certification could achieve more than expected.

An approximate figure of 200k jobs will be created only in this year alone. These jobs would be promising and stable. These jobs will offer a high salary, but you need to have the skill for that. The scope and career opportunities are boundless. It forced us to create a digital marketing jobs opportunities list and here is the same for you.

Salary Structure in Digital Marketing jobs in India

 The salary of the jobs purely depends on the skill set you have and expertise you have shown in the area of recruitment.

  1. The Strategies or Executive Digital Marketer (experience 0-2 years): 2.5 to 3.5 Lakhs Per Annum*
  2. Senior Strategies or Team lead Digital Marketing (experience 3 to 5 years): 3 to 5 Lakhs Per Annum*
  3. Digital Marketing Manager (experience five years to 10 years of ): 5 to 12 Lakhs Per Year*
  4. Director of Digital Advertising or Marketing (experience10+ years ): Around 20 to 30 Lakhs per Annum*

These salaries are mainly dependent on the following parameters:

  1. The results you bring.
  2. The creativity you showcase.
  3. The award-winning campaigns you design.
  4. The industry you work.
  5. The volume of revenues for the company you function.
  6. The quantity of income you provide for the organisation through

Digital Marketing

Startup agencies, bootstrapped Digital Advertising agencies are more likely to offer you 20 – 50% lesser than the Industry trends. Digital and Social Media Marketing has revolutionised the world. It is usually your turn to be a part of this revolution through my Free course on Digital Advertising.


It becomes easy for you to explore lucrative possibilities in digital for the following areas:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Sociable Press Marketing (SMM)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Search Engine Advertising (SEM)
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Web Analytics

We help you to explore many career options connected to digital marketing. Digital Marketing Manager is the most demanding position; you can find many opening for this position.

Digital Advertising Manager

With a working experience of more than 5+ years as search optimiser, PPC manager or link building expert even content writer and search optimiser anyone can be considered for this position with multiple industry certifications. Guidance for AdWords Certification, Facebook Certification, HubSpot Certification, etc.. With this the person should be able to prove his capability as an optimiser, well-paid add manager and social media marketing cost optimiser. Digital Marketing Professionals report direct to the Marketing Head, MD or even VP. Very high amount of expertise is needed to manage multi-faceted work under digital marketing, so only specialists are preferred. Here earning can also start from 10 lac per annum and range upwards anything. Its seen to reach even up to 40 lacs.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

SEO is the activity by which you rank any website or URL towards the first page on many keywords. Due to the increased awareness of SEO, the subject received proper attention from industry, and many could get introduced to it. Paid Advertisement or PPC costs are rising, and competition in them is also rising, SEO stands to bring good traffic and profit for any business if they are following the rules of optimisation correctly. It builds a vast opportunity in the SEO industry creating jobs and business both.

Salary in this industry starts from Rs 2,00,00 onwards and can quickly reach between Rs 5,00,000 per annum.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Professional)

Due to the rising cost of Search Optimization more and better optimisers are in demand. Due to increasing quality check of Google new age optimisers need to be smart enough to showcase the site as complying to the Google Policies and also providing better Content, On Page Optimization and Off Page, Optimization to be better than its competitors. It has increased opportunities in the search optimisation industry and also increased the salary structure. As now this industry is not for all. Instead, it’s for those who have specialised knowledge to handle the operation. It is the reason for industry certifications such as Moz, Hubspot, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing Jobs come with handling not only social media posting but also managing apps, updating them and releasing updates about any update in business. Converting Apps users to buyers is also another demanding job, here marketers create the demand with creative content to generate the urge to buy things inside social media, either through the apps or in stores of the pages.

Social Media Marketing Marketing experts

Social media is continuously evolving industry. Here regular spread of content becomes the primary source to reach the users. With that Social media also brings for you paid advertisement. Having the skill to manage different type of paid marketing in social media needs is very important. It defines how much of your investment is returning profit. The primary area of specialisation in social is targeting proper users and providing them with content that they like. It increases interaction and brings business.

Content Marketing

The rise of bloggers and independent writers for many platforms such as Quora, Medium, Linkedin Pulse, INC, etc.. seen in last one decade. Blogs are not the last thing any more writers and companies now have; they have ample opportunities beyond their website. As the writing industry grows and changes every day, it becomes more and more difficult to find that secret formula that gives you the best optimisation. As per the functionality and interaction metrics nowadays contents are well planned and executed. It is where leads generate, and Google also gets good backlink juice. So, People with strong multi-dimensional and multi-platform writing experience will always be preferred.

Content material Marketing Manager

Content marketers supervise the content delivery and check the quality of the same. The job role involves the responsibility to manage the blog, copywriting for the sales page or any other required marketing material. Build the Know How of the software and tools. Publishing ebook to managing Guest blog posting functionalities. It becomes the responsibility to reach out to many authors and journalists asking for the permission to publish content on their site or press sites.


With a vast responsibility, these day’s Copywrites are in very high demand. The first task that comes is working with an existing team of the digital marketers. A copywriter helps the content marketing team for the creation of better content and help them achieve better acceptance of the material they are sharing on many platforms. With good command in written and spoken English, they will have to talk and coordinate with many teams to produce suitable material for the company’s benefit.

Expert Search Engine Marketing Professional

Search Engine Marketing mostly deals with paid advertising that is managed with Google Adwords or Bing Paid Add management tool. Based on the type, need and geographical area these adds are maintained, and different search engines used. It is essential which region your business is focusing as that defines which search engine you need to use. Here are a few sample situations:

  1. For a call centre based tech support advertisement campaign, it is focused on the US and Canada as those are the countries where this type of services well sold. Here Bing and Yahoo have a significant amount of market share, and that leads to your better understanding of both Google Ads and Bing Ads as an essential thing.
  2. For a local business which targets any city of India then the situation different. Here you can put more of your energy behind understanding and work on Google Adds.
  3. For any ad that you target in China understanding of Baidu becomes essential as you can not target China with Google, Baidu has almost 73% market share in China.
  4. In the same way when you have a client who is targetting Russia there also Yandex comes as the priority. Yandex has almost 55% market share in Russia.
  5. Even while targeting different areas, states or countries across the world you need to focus on the language of the search and work accordingly.

Digital Marketing Managers are generally the person who take reporting from the SEO and SEM teams, and you might have to say to them according to the target set.

The job involves building the targeted list of keywords, writing the ad script, setting up the ads, A&B Testing with every setup option and ultimately generating the lead in whatever form company needs.

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Hubspot has been the benchmark in Inbound Marketing. For a long time since they started operation, their focus has always been on Inbound Marketing, and they made it so loud that most of their clients now come from Inbound marketing. The talk as it goes we can remember a term called pull marketing where users come to the business due to the quality of the product, word of mouth publicity and easy visibility of them across digital platforms. Inbound Marketing is all about that more efficiently and constructively. The same achieved with attractive and captivating content. Content that solves the problems is needed.

The salary here can start anywhere between 3-4 lac per year and reach anywhere depending on what amount of responsibility you are delivering and in which scale, also the brand you are working for also matters here the most.

Specialist in Conversion Rate Optimization

The conversion rate defined by the amount of investment that goes into marketing processes and the amount of return that is coming out of it. Working with a team of designer, optimiser and content creators will have to bring out marketing that is more fruitful and optimises every single funnel of growth that company is depending on for its survival to growth both. The vision and thought leadership here becomes the key to the growth of any company.

What is Digital Marketing and How it is affecting business?

Digital Marketing has emerged as the future of marketing as this has been speedily emerging as the current trend in the world of marketing. With the increasing usage of the Internet worldwide, there has been a growing popularity of internet marketing today as we can’t think of any services, business, products that do not use Digital Marketing. Say you are searching the internet to buy a new mobile than the very first.

Google thing you do is to find that mobile model in Google search or go through its features in gadget review websites. The reviews help you make a price comparison and deciding to buy it. As soon you get satisfied with its features and benefits, you buy it from an online store or the nearest dealer. Now the question arises where Google is getting all this information?

Have you ever thought of that? It’s the new age internet. But to collect and provide such an impressive amount of data all these websites have to go a long distance and have super infrastructure as well. It also means that someone is promoting and marketing their sites in Google and optimising it with the search engine and the best out of them listed on the first page of Google.

This entire process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the language of Digital Marketing. According to few leading market research firms, the Indian SEO, and Digital Marketing industry is rated to be the fastest growing sector in the country. It also states that this area is going to create a need for more than 100 thousand jobs, and so it’s amply clear that there is enormous demand for a well-trained Digital Marketing Professional. And for that, you need to learn SEO and Digital Marketing from a reputable training institute that offers the best digital marketing course in Kolkata at an affordable cost. Exactly here comes Extensive Ideas, a premier SEO firm in Kolkata that has come up with complete training on Digital Marketing. So, let’s learn more details about them here. The best digital marketing course that comes to you is a significant accumulation of knowledge and skill.

Who are “What is Digital Marketing” And how they are Helping Students with best digital marketing course in kolkata?

WIDM stands for “What is digital marketing,” it’s an organisation which started working under the umbrella sites of Extensive ideas about a year ago. The primary purpose of building it was to provide a more broad range of information under a straightforward and shared banner or subject of digital marketing. The domain grew across the lines of Technology, Tourism, the Local listing of companies and content marketing. As the world of Internet marketing is growing areas reach an adequate representation of quality content is increasing.

Offering End-To-End Solution in digital marketing with Extensive Ideas WIDM is an innovative team of workers who are serving across the world starting from content marketing, search optimisation, social marketing, paid promotion and campaign management to training in every relevant area of digital marketing. With the growth of digital marketing and its need across the world to improve economies and provide humanity better life, we are dedicated and working hard to bring this to reality in our way.

Building from a small place, team and funding we have seen hundreds of clients and students which have enriched us with a broad range of knowledge and adequate implementation capacity. We are implementing many complicated techniques in our upcoming projects and sharing the same experience with our clients. The majority of our work done with the collaboration of leading scientific instruments currently available in digital marketing, So, undoubtedly WIDM in every respect can be your organisation of choice if you give us an opportunity.

Our Commitment to building a better Digital India and helping small to large enterprises have taken us to a new era of digital entrepreneurship. Where we see, many new digital entrepreneurs learn and grow us. As the work in this area has increased much more regarding quality and quantity both in last few years need of more human resources is helping many of our student’s growth their firms in SEO, SMO, and digital marketing.

Why should you take Digital Marketing Training from What is Digital Marketing a part of Extensive Ideas Academy? 

Now, this is a question of million dollars. The reason is not so easy to explain in few words. The best way to know us would be to compare with reviews of us across the web. Other than that if you can visit our office, a clear picture of our capacity can be explained to you. With Extensive Ideas as the leading brand, the company has provided service to more than 500 companies and 200 students. Online teaching on given subjects being an additional function.

What are the Challenges in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing brings many challenges with it. But they can be easily won. The problems spread across the following secluded areas of knowledge:

  1. search engine optimisation
  2. social media marketing
  3. pay per click marketing
  4. digital analysis of businesses
  5. competitive marketing-based web placement
  6. content marketing
  7. video marketing

Understanding the usage of SEO and digital marketing tools

Students find it lucrative but after joining they find it to be more difficult than what they have presumed. It’s purely due to underestimation of the capacity of the knowledge they are going to learn. Now this problem can be solved if students come with proper preparation about the difficulties of digital marketing. Now after that, no long-term courses are available currently in digital marketing, so growth in that is is also needed. As the country is moving towards the digitisation knowledge of digital marketing can be an asset.

Now while working in this industry few things that come up as challenges are bringing a return on investment and holding rank in search and social media with the top placement of the web property. To solve this problem students, need to keep studying and increase knowledge to the extent that they can answer any unforeseen and unexpected issue.

What are the different areas of Digital Marketing?

  1. search engine optimisation
  2. social media marketing
  3. pay per click marketing
  4. digital analysis of businesses
  5. competitive marketing-based web placement
  6. content marketing
  7. video marketing
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Audio Search Optimization
  11. Coding Free Website Designing
  12. landing Page Designing
  13. Hosting Infrastructure Management
  14. Who should enrol for this course?


Students to entrepreneurs anyone can join the course. As the world is fast changing and moulding towards the usage of digital technologies and improves reach and connectivity with digital marketing techniques learning of this science will always help every single person in any trade or business or educational area he works.

What is the Pre-requisite to joining digital marketing course?

A clear understanding of computer and internet is needed to learn and understand the science of digital marketing. No such fixed school or college degree is essential. But if you expect to work in any company then having a graduation degree is necessary, it may be in any area. Engineers frustrated after working in different areas can also move to digital marketing and digital analysis world here they can explore much more and get far better payments as well.

Why Choose What is Digital Marketing?

  1. You get the state-of-the-art environment for learning that comes with the ultra-modern atmosphere for taking the training.
  2. The best faculty team selected from the Indian digital marketing industry
  3. Course curriculum and all the modules are as per the latest requirement in the industry
  4. Job assistance to every student after the successful completion of the course
  5. We prepare you in such a way that you can also start your own business as well as get proper placement.
  6. Support for students even after the successful completion of the course.

Brief Highlights of Our Course

As one of the leading Digital Marketing training institutes in Kolkata, we are covering all the aspect of SEO and Digital Marketing training everything from scratch. So here are our Digital Marketing course highlights.

cPanel & Hosting Management

Here we would be teaching you all about operating hosting and cPanel account of your website efficiently. Starting from installing WordPress, uploading files to creating backups everything will be covered.

SEO, OFF & On-Page

Here you will be given detailed training on Search Engine Optimisation where we will be covering both Off and On-Page Part. You will be learning Keyword Research, site structure optimisation, link building all white-hat methods and techniques, local and mobile SEO, etc.

Social Media Optimization – Learn how to promote a business or services across all leading social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc. Further, you will learn how to create FB Fan Page and other social communities for better promotion.


You also will be learning here all the Paid Ads or Pay Per Click advertisement from Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Search Engine Optimization parts and components

  1. What is SEO
  2. What is Black Hat SEO
  3. What is White Hat SEO
  4. Image optimisation
  5. Audio Search Optimization
  6. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  7. Local search optimisation
  8. What is the differentiating point between Google, Yahoo and Bing regarding SEO
  9. How to use the Disavow tool and what is its need in the modern age of the internet.
  10. Why Google discontinued the site links tool inside webmaster tools, is it due to the presence of disavow tool?

On Page SEO

  1. On Page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. On page Google ranking factors
  3. Using Google Rich Snippets, how to Attract More Visitors using it?
  4. How to use the Structured Data Mark-up tool inside Google Webmaster.
  5. Start Testing Your Current Website with web site test tools
  6. Build, maintain and efficiently increase participation in forums

Off Page SEO And Link Building

  1. Off page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. Off-page Google ranking factors
  3. What are the types of Back link’s that violate Google’s Guidelines
  4. How your competitor is ranking higher than you, know and act.

Local SEO

  1. What is the need for local optimisation and where we can do it?
  2. What is Trust Flow and Citation Flow? How it affects ranking and how to increase it?
  3. What are the famous sites where you can have a local page and how?
  4. What are the tools we can use for local SEO
  5. How to promote your local page by PPC?
  6. How to use schema, paid local listing and other secret techniques for local SEO?

Social Media

  1. What is SMO
  2. How we can make the Most from Social Media
  3. Efficient use of social media network
  4. What is the Social Media Marketing Software’s
  5. How to optimise reach by paid ads in social media
  6. Source images for your website and social media
  7. SEO Analysis software’s and browser plugins
  8. Facebook and Twitter Ads brings a positive change, how to setup them?

Pay Per Click

  1. How PPC impacts your digital marketing movements
  2. How to use the Google Keyword Tool
  3. How to plan the PPC using google keywords tool
  4. How to get keywords using
  5. Efficient Spending on your campaign
  6. How to create an ad campaign
  7. How to set up and optimise the add
  8. What you must do in your landing page, so add gives you maximum return
  9. What is the quality score and why you must know it

WordPress based website designing from the live server

  1. How to use WordPress for your website from your server. Installation and log in.
  2. Theme installation and configuration. Theme Forest WordPress theme configuration.
  3. WordPress dashboard, post, page, appearance, plugin, settings.
  4. How to install and configure plugins.
  5. Which plugins you must have. Including Jetpack from What is the benefit of bringing power to your website?
  6. How to manage user accounts and guard against user spam.
  7. How to protect your WordPress site from spamming.
  8. How to edit the site and place your content in place of theme generated content.
  9. How to build a custom designed WordPress website in minutes with page builders.
  10. How to build contact form for your site
  11. How to integrate google maps into your site
  12. How to embed the video on your website.
  13. What is the difference between a WordPress blog and WordPress website?
  14. How to setup WordPress SEO features and what other features you may keep for better on page SEO.
  15. How to build a WordPress review website.
  16. How to manage, monitor and optimise user comments.
  17. How to integrate the emailer like MailChimp, Aweber and many others with your WordPress site.
  18. How just feed subscription can send your WordPress content to the site subscribers.
  19. How to increase the number of subscribers for your website
  20. How to build WordPress landing page

Case Study: 1: We will try to understand Digital Marketing With One of Our Project 

When we started working on our website SEO course in Kolkata the major hurdle for us was to achieve ranking. And increase traffic to the site. So, to begin with, we planned a few things one after one and executed. What are the challenges we faced and how we stayed on top of the search engine for months will all give you an idea how it can be done very quickly if you have proper planning and freedom to work on your own pace?

The steps we followed:

Design a website that serves to our need: We initially started with multiple web properties. As we had various web properties and Google was also not so strict about the similarities of the website we carried on with a single design for all our website. As the all the sites were somewhat relating to the same subject we were carrying a risk on our head. And ultimately, we faced it. One day I saw my website standing at a 20th page from top rank.

We built our content to reach the target with care and passion: As we always loved the content part and has been one of our fortes to explore, created with due respect and care. So, content and strength of the domain name (which later bounced back due to EMD) took us to the top position. And we could even keep it for years. But with growing changes in Google’s filtering and the rise of new updates ultimately hit us with the same design for PBN update as well.

Now with lost rank and the top position we started changing the design of all our website and a complete removal all backlinks from all the domains through the disavow tool of Google. As the backlinks removed and all groups sites designs made different. And even content changed to its best standard possible the change started happening in one and a half months’ time.

We could see site recovering, and it came back to the first pages as usual. With this massive change although it forced to work a lot more but gave us a clear understanding and foundation of knowledge of what should get done and what should not be. And they are :

You must never keep the same design for all your domains, even if you continue the same model do maintain separate images and keep some highlight-able feature which is different in every property.

We started focusing on marketing less and branding more. By doing this, we started building off-site properties such as Quora, LinkedIn, medium, Facebook etc. Where you get a scope to discover your skill of building content and reach out to others for better networking.

Starting a compulsory blog and updating them regularly with new and fresh content became our top priority. As we cannot change the domain names which by now got attached with our brand identity, the only thing we could do is build more reason for our users to be happy with the regular input of content in video, audio, and infographics. We made sites which are independent and identifiable in every aspect of them.

The one major thing that we did is removing internal connections from all of your group sites. The group sites which had internal linking were indicating google of a hidden PBN structure as all of them hosted under one single IP and name server.

We started contributing more and more backlinks or connections to other sites and top web properties like Wikipedia. Created to refer primary subjects for detail understanding. It increased our reliability as an excellent provider of knowledge and information.

 Extensive Ideas Students Placed, Interview Arranged or Recruitment Offer Received from following companies. 

  1. clubbcart. com
  2. Angel Digital Pvt. Ltd
  3. Com
  4. Com
  5. paperlinksoftwares. com
  6. hrspot.
  7. apnaweb.
  8. acreaty. com
  9. digitalavenues. Com
  10. smarter solutions. Com.
  11. com
  12. Kolkata Infomedia Services
  13. Bellavista Technologies Pvt Ltd
  14. gobigtechnologies. Com
  15. webinfotechin. com

We could not list many others due to lack of data. But we did receive similar requests from many other companies where we have sent students.

Digital Marketing Certifications Available for you

Extensive Ideas Academy brings Free Digital Marketing Course For you. With this more opportunities are waiting for you. You can tap into the right opportunities with this article on social press marketing jobs. Nevertheless, if you are still ambiguous about why you should move to digital advertising work possibilities, there is content on why you should go for digital marketing professionals to help you gain information.

  1. Google Digital Garage Certification

It is the digital marketing introduction course from Google. It helps beginners to get relevant information about the digitisation and digital growth with a growing E-business eco-system before going into details of the subject. Students need 23 badges to win a Google Certificate which comes free of cost. Covering Online Marketing with SEO, SEM, Display Ads, Search Marketing and Email marketing. It comes in bite-sized modules for easy understanding and completion.

  1. HubSpot’s Inbound Certification

Go Inbound! with HubSpot Inbound Advertising Certification. It is among the best classes in the list; perfect for the marketer. To attract the potential buyers, pull marketing concept is applied and found to be very useful, this training will interlink all aspects of articles, digital and sales focused advertising.

  1. HubSpot’s Certification in Email Marketing

Opting out of emails is now a legal right, in that era how you can reach out to the customers? To leverage the power of Email-Marketing marketers need to use Email Marketing Strategy properly. It’s one of the most personal media of communication and targets directly any consumer. The critical, highlighting features to cycle advertising, segmentation, analytics, deliverability, email style and optimisation growing. It builds the business using techniques starting from email marketing to many other hidden methods.

  1. Analytics is Certification focusing mobile and e-commerce segment

If you are not sure how much of your marketing efforts are reaching to the buyers, then analytics will help solve the problems. It enables you to get the desired audience whether it’s a mobile-focused site or an e-commerce site. Further contributing to optimise the ROI of your business.

  1. Google and Bing Both bring Search Engine Advertising course
  2. Google Adwords and Bing Ads Certification

If you nee best advertisement on Display, Video, and Portable systems then nothing comes near to Google Adwords. You are an eCommerce firm and need to influence search engines for driving visitors to your product? The following two programs will help you understand all about Search Engine Marketing:

– Google Adwords Fundamentals

A Certification accepted by industry is AdWords Fundamentals. It’s the exam that you have to take to become Google Certified. It has six segments (Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising) to get Google Certified.

– Bing Advertisements Certification Exam

Google Certification is the most popular search certification around the globe. As Bing Search is getting more space with products like Office, Xbox and increasing use of Windows, this certification also comes handy. If you look forward to joining a company who uses any of these advertisements, then it becomes essential for you.

  1. Google and Moz Certifications

The chance to get audience free of cost turning away is made easy with these certifications. Google brings us Google Analytics Certifications and AdWords qualification. Remember Search Optimization Certification you can never get from Google So this Certification can be achieved from Moz who has a good name and acceptance across the industry.

  1. Social Media Certifications

Social media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn brings different purpose reason and targeted reach. These targeted advertisements increase brand awareness and helps planning the campaign with increased engagement with targeted customers.

  1. Facebook Ad Certification | Facebook Blueprint

Provided a certification with 86 modules, this course addresses best practices intended for planning campaigns of marketing. It uses apps from Facebook and Instagram. With the campaign planning and optimisation tools of Facebook’s family of apps. Note that while all the classes are free but certifications comes at a nominal charge.

  1. Twitter Flight School Certification

With tailor-made content, it comes at a small price. The twitter flight school brings to us tailored content material across different company roles, helping get your branding. It also makes a certified person key decision maker for any Twitter-related marketing plan.

  1. LinkedIn Advertising Solutions

There’s no dire LinkedIn Certification. But LMS articles get the basic to advanced understanding for Linkedin Advertisement. The materials provide the much-needed knowledge helping marketers plan their campaigns and content strategy according to the best guidelines. The LinkedIn Sponsored content, Email, dynamic advertisement, screen ads, and text message gives a good overview of case studies, data sheets, additional resources.

  1. Pinterest Certification

Pulling more than 100 Million Visitors per month Pinterest has been phenomenal in changing our views, perceptions and understanding of the images we see every day. Designers received more appreciations and businesses could connect their thought to their buyers more elaborately and distinctively.

  1. Hubspot’s Content Marketing Certification

If content created with care can become the best tool to connect your customer to your brand. The whole Digital advertising strategy depends on your content marketing plan. The Hubspot’s Content material Marketing certification comprehensively covers numerous facets of articles marketing. It talks about storytelling, ideating a matter or subject to write on it, sourcing the idea and build a framework to write the content. Develops the knowledge how content help in digital promotion and positioning of product to brands.

  1. Video Advertising with YouTube Certification

Today’s most watched content is video. If you don’t have a good presence in today’s best medium of connection, then you are losing something. YouTube Certification comes with 29 sections, including channel growth practices, channel development strategies with the ways to get success and popularity on youtube.

  1. The Sales Certification of Hubspot
  2. Hubspot Inbound Sales Certification

Another essential standard of change we can see from outbound sales to inbound sales is by adopting the new and advanced sales methodologies like Cold Calling. Imagine, qualified prospects coming to you what you will learn with Hubspot what are things you should do as a salesperson!

  1. Hootsuite Sociable Offering Program

It provides started to switch the method relationships are formed, and hence sales experts want to adapt quickly to sociable power media to travel better-qualified network marketing leads and increase deal sizes. Hootsuite’s course on Public Selling focusses precisely on that and includes three main parts – creating a professional, cultural press presence, researching and planning your public selling actions, and prospecting and engaging on social mass media.

  1. LinkedIn brings SSI (Social Selling Index)

Linkedin brings a tool to measure the social selling called SSI. It’s though not a course but a tool that helps you learn and understand Linkedin Marketing. I would suggest you check on this as there are not many excellent courses available for Linkedin.

  1. Free of charge SEO Teaching by Backlinko

A site that I would always suggest you is Backlinko. You must start the course with these details:

  1. It received Millions of Views with only 25-30 pages of content, proving lots of written material a myth. Many polls conducted to find good SEO learning resources came out of this course.
  2. It’s just a blog but serves an excellent purpose to provide you with excellent training material on SEO and Optimization. The Backlinko built by Brian Dean knew among the best SEO experts in the industry. Well researched content makes it easy to understand and learn them whether you are a beginner or expert.
  3. Neil Patel’s Free Digital Advertising Course

Worlds No. 2 best digital marketer Neil Patel brings his unique skills for you, through blogs, videos, and podcasts. He shares a lot of essential and exciting knowledge of several elements of SEO, SEM with digital marketing with transformation marketing and so on.

  1. Jerry Banfield

I recommend him because even we watched his lectures many times while setting up AdWords Account or many other purposes.

  1. Youtube based digital marketing course

The Guru of all it brings for you abundant source of learning material shared by Millions of Contributors, you need to pick that which benefit you.

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