Digital Marketing Course Module Digital Marketing Training Module


1. Top SEO Softwares


1. Organic Traffic Vs Paid Traffic



1. Planning, Budgeting & Analysis of Keywords for PPC
2. Analysis of Keywords for SEO how it's different than ppc
3. How to Increase Google PPC Quality Score
4. How to Manage Social Media Add's


1. Effects of Negetive Backlinks & How to do it properly
2. What are the things needed for better search engine crawling
3. Need and use of website loading speed how CDN helps in it


1. Image Optimization Tips and techniques
2. Photo & Video Sharing. Infographic Creation & Submission Tips
3. How gif images or videos can pull traffic

Search Engine Optimization

1. Classification of Search Engines and how they work
2. Website Submission & How Search Engines Rank Pages
3. Domain Name, File Names and Extensions
4. Keyword Prominence, Density, Proximity and Frequency
5. Code of Ethics

1. HTML Elements that Matter to Optimize
2. Using Google Rich Snippets to Attract More Visitors
3. Optimizing Layout, Navigation and Menus of Your Pages
4. Monitoring Duplicate Content Site Up-time
5. What to Do if Your Site Has Been Penalized

1. Local SEO Complete Guide
2. Building the Right Site Architecture
3. Creating a Search Engine Friendly Sitemap
4. Fixing Site Indexability & Usability Problems
5. Cleaning up the Mess. Orphan Files and Tech Waste

Content Marketing & Link Building : How to do and What to avoid

1. Guest Blogging, Press Release Submission
2. Blog Directories and Blog Communities

1. Micro-blogging & Participating in Social Networks

1. Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Optimization Vs Social Media Advertising
2. Promoting Your Brand with the Help of Social Media

1. Guest Blogging, Press Release Submission
2. Blog Directories and Blog Communities

1. Guest Blogging, Press Release Submission
2. Blog Directories and Blog Communities

E-Mail Marketing

1. Introduction and steps of email marketing
2. Bulk email Vs Subscription Based email

1. How to get high conversion by email marketing
2. Subscription based email marketing platforms

1. Building email database and updating it.

Tips and Techniques of Blogging

1. WordPress Installation in cpanel & SEO plugins

1. Blogger integration with domain
2. Blog Directories and Blog Communities

1. Joomla Installation in cpanel & available forum softwares

Affiliate Marketing

1. Introduction & Earning scope as an Affiliate
1. Starting Your Own Affiliate Program

1. Choosing Your Partnership Model
1. Communicating with Affiliates Recruiting them

1. Tracking the Affiliate Programs
1. Tips, Techniques & Mistakes to Avoid

What is the need and relation of Website Designing in Digital Marketing

1. Need of Responsive Website with Call to Action Option
2. Change in Web Design according to conversion analysis.

How to start your own internet marketing business

1. Find Your Niche & Develop or Adopt an Approach for it
2. Manage the Projects in most cost friendly manner
3. Promote Your Business & continue to do Personal Selling
4. Advertising Your Online Business complete guide