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Omkar Nath Nandi is a digital marketing expert who specializes in providing practical training on digital marketing concepts. The phenomenal specialist has been on the field for the last ten years. It implies that he has extensive experience gained over the years of his practice. In particular, Omkar Nath Nandi offers help in digital marketing aspects such as SEM and SEO campaigns. He has all the abilities to develop a Word Press page and design it in such a way that it attracts traffic and helps you earn money faster. He can also help with Many leading Digital Marketing Tools and Design Tools issues since he experienced in handling live customers problems for ten years. Hiring his services ensures that you get a return on your investment since he has a thorough understanding of these concepts.

Omkar Nath Nandi offers specific advice and guidance on search engine optimization. For instance, he relays information on how to use the right keywords and the keyword density to optimize your page’s content. Moreover, he helps to market the site of clients through a thorough analysis of rivals as well as on-site and off-site evaluation. Through these measures, he can identify the rank of the website, brand it and manage any changes that occur over time.

Nandi’s courses are categorized strategically to help the learners understand the necessary information before moving on to the more complex ones. Here, he starts by defining terms, and builds on these terms, exploring the strategies that learners can use to achieve the best potential out of their websites. The course has 25 lessons, and the students need over three months to learn these concepts.

In brief, Omkar Nath Nandi is a force to reckon with, in the field of digital marketing. He has gained immense experience over his ten years of working, which he translates into his optimization, writing, designing and training. Converting any business into a successful venture given proper environment and investments are there.

The Top Digital Marketing Experts in India

Digital marketing is one of the new trending jobs in the market. Big institutions are coming up who are looking for Digital marketers who could help and promote businesses on the search engines. As we are progressing the internet has become our new best friend, we completely rely on the search engines for any question or query. In this article, we will be discussing the best digital marketers in India.

 What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or data marketing is nothing but the promotion or marketing of a service or a website available on the internet. The search that you make on any of the search engines produces top 10 results on the first page of the search engine. Now, to rank the website or the piece of information on the first page of the search engine requires digital marketing, because nobody likes to surf the second or the third page of a search engine. And the higher is your ranking on the search engine the more likely is your website to grab visitors.

Can you leave without Digital Marketing Anymore, if not why?

In the world of internet, it has become essential to be a leader in the data market. You need to create the brand value and brand awareness on the net for people to know you and for you and your business to prosper. And all this is not possible without the help of the digital marketing. A survey taken by the Indian citizens revealed that when they come to know about something new it is more likely that they would first search on the internet for the particular business rather than visiting the place in person. And to make the best impression and awareness on the net, you need to know what the top digital marketers in India do.

How digital marketers are changing the world.

Drawing a new path to success, Digital Marketers are helping the businesses see a new horizon of growth. Have you ever been on the internet searching for a product or a brand, now what happens is you enter a few details or just the brand name or the name of the product. Now within seconds, google displays you with the most attractive and the most relevant result.  Now there are two cases here.

Product Search – You searched for a product irrespective of the brand, and you received the top 10 results for the relevant product, and it is very less likely that you will be surfing the next page to buy the product. So what exactly happened that the website ranked on the search engine for the particular product though you don’t know the brand the top ranking assure you that the product is genuine and you can make the purchase.

 Brand name Search – While searching on any search engine for a particular brand but it didn’t show up on the first page of the search engine. You checked out the second page of the search engine, and you still didn’t find anything relevant. And then you went to the third page of the search engine, and there it is that you found the brand on the bottom of the page. It’s apparently raised a question in your mind regarding the brand value, and now you are in an opinion that the brand name is not good enough and you must just avoid it. Now, this makes it very clear on how the sales of a product get affected just by the lack or use of the digital marketing.

How Omkar Nath Nandi, As an Expert digital Marketeer helped many companies and students?

Omkar Nath Nandi is considered as one of the expert digital marketing professionals in India and being MBA(MARKETING), Microsoft Certified Professional, Certified Consumer Law Professional, Google Adwords Certified, Bing Certified are just a few of the many qualifications that he possesses.

Being in the digital marketing industry for such a long time digital marketing flows in his blood. He has given training to the students from across the globe and also conducted seminars to train the students of IIT Kharagpur in the field of digital marketing. With some excellent statistics, he has shown growth to some of the finest companies and has been consistent over the years. 

One Case Study on Digital Marketing Growth

When Gionee ELife E7 launched in India, its preparation started right from Feb 2014 when the phone launched in the global market. This phone had the USP as its camera quality, in this segment there was no other phone to provide a 16MP rear and 8MP front camera. The phone did not fell short of any of the features. But yet the company spent a major portion on the digital marketing. The digital marketing experts in India started grabbing attention on all the leading social media platforms. They created landing pages, created bloggers contest, took an online survey, all this was done to create awareness amongst the people and to grab attention. On the day of the launch in Noida, a race track booked which symbolized the speed of the technology and how Gionee was copying and leading in the race. It invited a lot of bloggers and journalist and media personals. The launch was a big success, and today we all know what Gionee E7 is in the market. The success speaks for itself.  

Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts in India

My experience in digital marketing dates back to the year 2007. In this duration, I have had significant interaction with professionals in the field, some who have contributed to my knowledge in the area through their work.

According to the Adobe and CMO board, about 96% marketers in India believe that digital marketing is a credible way of staying ahead of rivals. In the contemporary world, digital marketing is becoming increasingly indispensable. Unfortunately, the digital marketing talent survey reveals that the nation has very few experts in the area. Nonetheless, some talents stand out from the pool of few professionals, and they provide credible assistance in the field of digital marketing. Here is a list of the top talents in the region with whom I have had the opportunity to interact.

  1. Sorav Jain

This renowned expert began his digital marketing journey when he was only 17 years old. CMO Asia recognized his agency, echo VME, as the best in the year 2013. Sorav ranks among the top 25 Indian social media experts. He has worked as a tutor in NASSOCOM, IIM, LIBA, and the Confederation of Indian Industry. He brags of over 100 workshops and over 3500 trainees under him. Moreover, he orchestrated the Chennai social media summit, which was the first ever in India.

  1. Prateek Shah

Shah works with India’s Google as an associate trainer, while he leads the AIMA and Digital Vidya team in training. He boasts of being a fantastic social media campaigner, and the launch of Asset Ambassador. He has also orchestrated several workshops successfully, working with big names such as CNN-IBN, NTPC, and SBI. Additionally, he is the creator of Digital Defynd, a platform for interacting with great minds in the digital media world. Founder of Green Smyles, where great digital marketers are prepared.

  1. Pradeep Chopra

Chopra graduated from IIT Delhi and entered the digital media industry in the year 2000. His growth was gradual, and he focused on the need for training fresh minds on digital marketing. This interest led to the creation of Digital Vidya, where raw talent nurtured to maturity. He has transferred his skills to about 1500 trainees, and he participates in workshops where he shares his ideas on global platforms like NASSCOM. He also writes and publishes great content on journals.

  1. Jitendra Vaswani

Associated with Blogger’s Ideas, where he guides newbie and amateur marketers on the essentials of digital marketing. Besides blogging, he founded DigiExe, an agency that solves all digital marketing issues for clients.  He is very knowledgeable in the field, and he forms part of Payoneer as a Brand Ambassador.

  1. Kunal Choudhary

He studied in marketing and established Delhi School of Internet Marketing, which boasts of above 1600 successful trainees since 2011. He has also done lucrative business by delivering leads and earning handsomely. He has worked with notable clients and delivered services successfully, increasing his revenue.

  1. Jainendra Singh

He is famous for focusing on the needs of customers in providing services. He also offers strategic and logical thinking, and he founded Digital Love to sell his marketing expertise. He is also a trainer in digital marketing and Google AdWords. His knowledge has left a substantial impact on several clients with whom he has engaged.

  1. Aditya Gupta

The platform, Social Samosa, co-formed by Aditya is a knowledgeable hub that now belongs to a group of investors. Gupta owns Igenero agency that solves various digital media issues.

  1. Prasant Naidu

Interestingly, a husband joined hands with his wife to form Lighthouse Insights. The two are media personnel and bloggers. The story of the couple made the headlines, and their blog made it to the top ranks in 2013. They aim at transferring information to their clients through their content.

  1. Himanshu Arora

This renowned marketer and trainer work with Digital Vidya. He has engaged well-known brands such as Horlicks and Coca-Cola. His Social Panga agency offers solutions to online marketing issues. He has been the field for over eight years, and he seeks to impart his knowledge and skills on other people interested in the field.

  1. Lakshmipathy Bhat

Bhat has been in the industry for the last 25 years! With both world’s best with him, giving him an edge over the others in the industry. He works with Robosoft Technologies, and he has a particular interest in mobile apps and branding. Some of his clients include GSK, Bat, and P& G. He also writes about brandings and marketing on Bhat Naturally.


The professionals listed herein ranked according to their expertise. Rather, they are people I have engaged and appreciated through their incredible talent. Moreover, the list is not exhaustive, and more talent exists in India regarding digital marketing.


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