Display Advertising is a kind of online advertising that comes in various forms like banner ads, rich media and many more. Unlike all the text-based ads, display advertising relies on elements such as pictures, audio, and video to communicate an advertising message to the target audience.

As per the professional online marketers, the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter will take almost 33% share of display ad spending by 2017. And along with that mobile ad spending will gain more importance. Thus, many leading companies are focusing their attention on Display ads and investing much in this. This trend is increasing with time. By keeping this in mind search engine giant Google too has come up with their own Display Ad network.

Before investing in Display Advertising, you should know whom you want to target and based on your decisions, how far your display ad campaign will perform. And if it fails to meet your expectations, which steps should you take. These are the main facts that you need to focus on before you invest on it.

How to Measure the Success of Your Display Ads

If your company has decided to invest in Display Ads to promote its services and products then it is quite important to understand few facts that will help you to analysis the overall performance of your ads. There are a few metrics that you will face while going through the process, such as, Audience Reach, Click through Rates, Bounce Rates, Conversion Rates, and your ROI (Return on Investment). These matters heavily when you start focusing on promoting your services or products through this mediuim and are expecting good returns out of it. So, let’s discuss in details about all these metrics.

    1. Audience Reach – The ‘Audience Reach’ the term epitomizes the number of people who are viewing your advertisement online. It will be represented by how many people are visiting the corresponding webpages, where you have planned to put your display ads.


    1. Click Through Rate (CTR) – By Click through rate, we mean the number of clicks you get on your ads. It is the number of people who have seen your ad and clicked it on the web. Well, therefore, CTR is used as a benchmark to analyze how better your ad is performing in all across the web.


    1. Bounce Rate– Bounce Rate is the percentage of those visitors who left your site just after visiting and viewing your site without staying there. When a user bounces on a page that you promote through display ads, then it shows that the user was intrigued to click on your ads, but after visiting your site, they did not find what they have expected. There can be several reasons for the increasing bounce rate of your site. It can be an issue with your website design or lack of proper information and other related factors.


    1. Conversion Rate – It determines the percentage of the people clicked through your advertisement and after that purchase from your site.


  1. Return On Investment – This is the thing, every marketer and business owner desires and for which all this hard work we all do. It means the return or profit you make by fetching enough conversion and sales after putting all your efforts and investments.

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