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The rising cost of various advertisement campaigns is now the major reason of concern for all marketers both in offline and online marketing sector. In many cases this rising cost of advertising campaign becomes a bit painful for newbie marketers, where they are forced to spend more for their PPC campaign. But even after investing much they do not get their desired results or returns. As a result, they become frustrated and end up by cursing their luck and some of them even quit their business. This has been a common scenario in offline marketing, where you put ads on newspaper, TV, Radio, etc. However, to be honest, with Pay Per Click marketing you, at least, has the option to reduce your spending on your campaign in comparison with other forms of advertising available. Though, it is actually impossible to fully eliminate clicks received from search engine users, with no intention on following through a transaction, but there are several ways of efficient spending with proper steps such as doing a proper analysis of your traffic to assess who are really buying and exclude the sources who are not buying. With that, we can also test the campaign’s productivity on a particular time or duration of a day.

Tips To Reduce Your Campaign Cost

    • Properly Define Your Target Market – It is a key principle behind any advertising but can be easily applied through Pay Per Click management. The use of location-based targeting settings and the use of location-based keywords will simply reduce your cost of the campaign. With these set of features, your pay per click marketing campaign will easily target only an intended audience from any particular locations or market. However, for that first you need to define your target audience. Suppose if you are doing paid campaigns for any local business in Kolkata then you must target your location to Kolkata and adjoining areas only, rather than targeting the entire state of West Bengal. This can be regarded as efficient spending and it will surely reduce your cost of advertising and also you will have a more specific targeted audience as your ad is targeted to customers residing in that particular location where your business is located.


  • Use Transparent Landing Pages – This is a good practice in general in paid search, but it is also an important reason for those who are suffering from a low conversion rate of PPC campaign as well. Not only it’s very important for your keywords and ad copy to properly represent your landing page, but your landing page too should guide users towards your particular conversion metrics. Say, for example, if your primary conversion metrics is selling clothes, then those clothes should be listed on your landing page with product details and offers you are giving on them. So that, your target visitor can easily add to cart that product right from your landing page.



  • Choose Whom To Target –Another way of efficient spending is choosing your targeted demographic. Say you are marketing a business where you sell kids apparels and your store is located in Delhi’s Karol Bag. Then you will need to target parents of all school going kids who stay adjoining the Karol Bag area, rather than targeting entire New Delhi. In this way targeting a relevant audience and location can simply reduce your campaign cost to some extent.


  • Improving Quality Score– Improving Adwords Quality score is another lucrative way to reduce your PPC campaign cost by a great margin. The Quality Score is a metric that determines whether Google will slap your ad campaigns with a high cost per click or not. Thus, always try to improve your score.

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