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Images are an asset for organic search results, but in many cases we have seen many SEO professionals simply overlook this factor while ranks or optimizing any website in Google. Images too can fetch you enough traffic from Google Images search as well as inclusion in the universal search results. One can easily find your pictures in SERP. And, once they click on it, they land up in your website. So, image search drives valuable traffic flow, which can play a good role in escalating your site to desired top-page Google rankings. Now to initiate the entire process, you need to know that there are various dimensions of image optimization for the web. Well-optimized images can not only yield better search engine page results, but it expands good user experience and holds the chance of better sharing across the web. While doing Image SEO, it can be quite helpful if you optimize pictures with the same focus, with which you optimize your webpages. Just think of your images as tiny webpages within your main webpage. The stuff like structure, anchor text, and descriptive tagging are all important factors if you want to optimize an image for search engines, just like a normal Web Page. Now, let’s elaborate some tips that will certainly help you to optimize images.

Useful Tips That Will Help You To Optimize Images

    • Find The Right Images – Choosing the right images is crucial if you want to get an effective result from your image optimization. Converting pictures can encourage people to share that page that consist of that picture and thus can add a new dimension to any content. A nice looking image compels people to share that page or content on all across the web and in this way that page or content goes viral across the web. You can find your pictures on sites like Flickr, iStockPhoto, etc. You can buy those pictures and can use them to promote your business. You can also find pictures from some free stock photo sites, and can also search for copyright free images.


  • Use Keywords In The File Name -Like keywords in posts and URLs are important from an SEO standpoint, the same rule is applicable for photos as well. If you want to optimize an image, then you need to name its file name with one of your target keywords. It will help the search engines to track the relevancy of that picture. Suppose you are promoting a business that sells women’s clothing. You first have to put nice looking pictures of your products, i.e. jeans, tops, sarees or any women apparel, then change the file names with your targeted keywords. If the SEO has been done correctly, anyone searching for that particular keyword will find your image and by clicking on it, they will be redirected to your product landing page.


    • Create descriptive ALT Text – An important tip to better optimize your pictures is through creating descriptive ALT text or tags. It is a major way through which Google determines what your picture is all about. Unlike traditional web content, search engines cannot determine the text content of any image. They rely on image captions, ALT text, file names and other similar text that describes your image.


  • Suitable Anchor Text -Anchor Text is considered to be another vital factor in Image SEO. Here, if you decide to link your pictures with anchor text, it will play a valuable role regarding how your picture will rank for your target keywords.


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