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Over a couple of years, there is a massive popularity of microblogging in all across the globe especially with the advent of Twitter. Currently, it is a leader in the world of microblogging, that just took the entire web community by a storm and has emerged as the fastest content sharing as well as the most engaging social sites across the web community. In this busy and hectic work schedules, people hardly get time to connect with their friends and near ones. Experts opine that, since it allows people to post their updates within 140-160 characters, this has become the prime reason for the growing popularity of microblogging. We have seen how on Twitter, we can post any updates of ours within 140 characters like this one ‘ Hey! Honey just on the way to home from office so prepare the dinner’. So, in this way microblogging sites let us post any short updates or messages to our close ones and the entire web community as well. Therefore, with the growing popularity of micro-blogging it has emerged as the latest marketing trend for business in all across the globe.

What Is Microblogging?

Microblogging is the most recent trend in the world of blogging, which is indeed an innovative way people blogs these days. Micro means small, so this lets people post updates in about 140-160 characters. It’s just like sending SMS with added multimedia contents like Mp3, Video files, GIF and more, all through online. And so, this concept of microblogging has emerged as the next generation blogging and marketing trend in all across the web community. Well, now the simplicity is the rule of the present day, as people today do not have enough time for writing popular blogs that are basically like the normal content of more than 500 words. And neither have they got time to read the longer content of any blogs or sites. Thus, microblogs have gained such a rapid popularity in all throughout the web.

How Can Microblogging Help You To Boost Your Business?

Well, as mentioned before, this kind of blogging concept is now the latest marketing trend for every type of business. It took place mainly with the advent of Twitter, which has emerged as the leading microblogging sites and steadily emerging as one of the biggest marketing platforms online after Facebook. Here, you just need to post updates regarding your product or service within 140 characters and that you can do just by writing one line updates with your website link. So, this is how microblogs can quickly skyrocket your traffic flow directly to your site within a short span of time and fetch you quality backlinks. Since all big companies, and personalities have their official Twitter pages, you can get valuable leads to your business by posting daily micro post updates. If you have a business and are looking forward to boosting your marketing, then you can post exciting offers on your service or products to lure clients. Apart from that, you can post links regarding your newly launched services or products. And in this way, you can reach millions of users in that microblogging community for promoting your business.

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