Pay Per Click Advertisement is a thing you can not avoid. No matter how much you are working with optimizer’s. You will always need to put in money for paid adds to get proper and better reach in search and social media. In social media this mode of advertisement is the only way to reach maximum amount of people for a post, page, video or any other content. No matter how much interactions you have in your post or page you will always need to buy post boosts to spread it in more efficient and better fashion.

What i have learned in my last 7 years of working is that it’s how better a conversion manger you are ultimately decides the fate of the investor. On your experience and handling the account of paid adds to minimize the cost increasing more conversions make’s a campaign successful or failure.

In today’s competitive market, promoting a brand or services has become the most challenging tasks for companies. Therefore, with its various tricks and tactics, Internet Marketing has come forward as an ultimate tool for marketing and promoting a company, brands, and services. One of the most important techniques of Digital Marketing is Pay Per Click Management or PPC. Through this, a company or individual can easily promote their products or services in top search engines by placing a sponsored ad over there.
So, to perform paid advertisement services efficiently and successfully, one has to be thoroughly trained with perfect knowledge of marketing in the search engines, and this requires proper training in SEM & SMM from a good institute or an experienced digital marketeer. An institute like our ‘Extensive Ideas’, one of the premium Digital Marketing training institutes in the city of Kolkata. The advantage of doing this course is that it opens three ways of income process for students.

That includes :

a) Home based income,

b) Getting a job,

c) Starting your own business.

With live projects and case studies the entire course becomes more practical and industry oriented. In our PPC course, we put our focus on the following topics.

Pay Per Click Advertisement
Pay Per Click Advertisement

1) Fundamental Concepts of Pay Per Click

This very basic module is intended to give an idea of paid search and the basic principles of direct response advertising, in particular, including the objective of search engines, advertisers, and customers. You will get every detail training regarding PPC from us.

2) Reason for Doing Pay Per Click

These campaigns on search engines can provide you immediate traffic and let you check new business models in real time situation. Thus, in the process, it helps in fetching better search engine rankings and enhance website visibility in following ways.

  • Quickly gather feedback on market condition
  • Split testing a live audience and collect ad test results all in real time.

3) Whom to Trust in Pay per Click

There are many big players for Pay per Click that includes all the major search engines that include Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. Well, among all other add service providers Google AdWords is the most popular and, has the largest distribution networks across the Google, AOC, etc. Next to Google, coming into the line-up is the Yahoo Search Marketing that has got the network partnership that includes Yahoo, InfoSpace, and many others. Finally Bing is a new player in the market of PPC services, but has gained real popularity since offered by the IT Giant Microsoft. Also Google banning many operators from many type’s of paid advertisements.

4) Why is PPC Important?

It is a significant marketing and promoting tool for yielding better results for one’s business online through Digital Marketing. You will learn every bit about it in Extensive Ideas.

5) How to Plan and structure Your PPC campaign

Here, you will learn how to set-up your campaign, the significance of setting appropriate objectives, goals, etc. Not only that, you will also learn prospect and ways to put a proper account structure that will assist you in developing your PPC campaign that in turn will help you in boosting your internet marketing strategy for your business.
6) Introduction to Keywords & Match types

In this section, you are going to learn the entire fundamentals for all advertising that includes keywords placing of ads and many more things. Well, further you learn here, a) Understanding the connection between strategically placing keywords in your ads, and b) using match types to connect those ads with user search queries.

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