PPC Training

We are living in the world of Social Media and The Internet where the entire world has come within our limits. Honestly speaking, we cannot survive without Social Media as it has become an eternal part of our daily life, whether it is our personal life or in the professional world. Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn provides better visibility and returns to any business. Therefore, if you market and promote your services on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and on Google then you will able to connect to a larger audience at once. It can provide you better leads for your company. Now along with promoting a brand or service through social media sites business owners are also focusing their investment on Google PPC, Twitter PPC or Facebook PPC for faster promotion and exposure. So in order to meet these industry requirements, there is an enormous demand for PPC professionals in India as well in all across the globe. Therefore, precisely here comes ‘Extensive Ideas’ PPC Course that comes with an exclusive training on paid ads that covers every detailed aspect of how to market a service or business through this medium of advertising. We have designed our course in such a way that it will prepare you to become a paid ad expert after completing the course.

Why Choose our Training

  • The state of the art infrastructure that lets you learn the entire course online from the comfort of your home
  • The latest and up-to-date course curriculum all based on the latest Google updates
  • A best faculty team from the Digital Marketing industry, which has got more than seven years of industry experience.
  • Training is in the form of live webinars and video tutorials that make your classroom experience fully unique.
  • Apart from that, we provide you online learning resources that you can simply use from anywhere.
  • For this, we have created an online community where we put all our study materials that you can use anytime from any place.
  • Our entire course is based on all the latest and upcoming updates in the PPC industry.

Brief Highlights On What You Will Be Learning Here

In this final session, you will learn two primary types of Paid Ads that are Google & Facebook PPC. Both of these are most widely used ad service in across the web so here we will teach you both. For Google Adwords, you will learn how to do keyword research efficiently to find all relevant keywords for your ad campaign. Then you will know how to put up a winning ad that makes you convert within a short time. Similarly, in Facebook PPC, you will learn how to put up your advertisement, and how doing split testing. You will then get all step-by-step guides regarding how to publish your ad successfully.  Well, recently twitter and Linked In has also launched their exclusive Pay Per Click services which are also gaining huge popularity across the web community. Hence, we have included Twitter and LinkedIn PPC in our syllabus as well along with Google Adwords and Facebook Paid Ads.