SEO is crucial nowadays to justify your spending behind a website. It is the science and art of employing both on-site optimization and off-site optimization (i.e. one-way backlink building from the forums, blogs, or press release, and article directories). To enhance a website’s ranking and positioning on search engines like Google, optimizers do a number of things. If people can’t find you, the way you want, you need to do a lot of changes on your website.
Today, it is the only way to get genuine organic traffic and leads. And reaching the first page of search engines is the most important task in hand. Other related initiatives are social networking, blog entries and press releases, along with other marketing efforts that can drastically enhance your natural presence in search engines.

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

1. If Website is a Cake, SEO is the sugar that comes with content, architecture (e.g. Responsive
nature), CMS and infrastructure (e.g. Speed of content delivery by CDN).
2. User Experience, content, Performance, Authority.
3. What Search Engines AreN’t Searching For ? Inferior User Experience, keyword Stuffing, Bought Links
4. Know Your Business Model
5. Do not Forget to Optimize for Multi-Stations. It’s your Social E-Mail & Media Existence.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, E-Mail, Radio and TV advertising
6. Be Consistent With Domain Names : Using sub-directory root domains ( versus
sub-domains ( is better with keyword in url.
7. Optimizing for Various Kinds of Results i.e cellular telephone, pc, tablet PC.
8. Pay attention to Your Meta Data Overly i.e. name, description, key word, canonical and few more.
It is the science and art of search engine optimization to optimize your website to such a level that they come on top of Google and show the information you need to highlight from your site in top search results. When done correctly, it helps your website rank extremely high in different keywords. Coupled together with e-mail marketing and other internet marketing techniques the focus is kept on getting better ‘link juice’.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization

But as the days are growing we are understanding we cannot optimize a website just by link building or following only one method of optimization. It is easily the most affordable way to drive targeted visitors to a site. If done correctly, following the recommended path, it’ll rank your site higher in Google listing pages (SERPs).

Search Optimization begins with identifying who are your clients and what are your targeted keywords. It’s an ongoing procedure that continues analyzing, testing, and refining many techniques to keep the website on top of search engines. Improving the visibility of the website on search engine pages leads to greater organic or natural clicks. These increased clicks ultimately provide elevated website traffic, resulting in more conversions and purchases.

Search Optimization specialists keep themselves up-to-date using the latest recommendations from search engines. They carefully check, analyze and optimize their changes to enhance ratings with time. Optimizing a website will probably involve editing content and coding to improve relevance for particular key phrases and to make sure that your site meets the minimum standards the search engines like google, anticipates from a website.

Search engine optimization tactics include updating title tags, URL structure, image tags, XML sitemaps, internal URL connections, robots.txt files and much more. For a list of the same you may follow our official blog of The Extensive Ideas or take a live training from the experts of the premium SEO training institute in Kolkata.

Content helps in building relevance and quality of knowledge on the website. With quality backlinks pointing towards the site, it boosts the rank in search engines. Optimization is heavily dependent upon the quality of back links not the quantity of it. Backlinks from .edu or .gov websites are some of the very high-quality sources that help search engines to understand how your site offers better information than others. Search engine’s job would be to present the very best and relevant content.

Search engines like Google may penalize you for “duplicate content” on your site. It will lead to a lower search rank than usual. A typical negative practice would be to ‘spam’ your personal site with the main phrases to improve search engine results. Search engines like Google will endeavor to find these designs of repeated content.

Search engines use a “web crawler” to scan websites over the Internet. These bots collect all relevant information from the site and put it in their database where they evaluate all URL individually and domains as well. While taking help from the Moz developed Domain Authority and Page Authority factor, and their Page Rank factor rank the URLs accordingly. But You will find some factors and variables that go into making this information, many known while some aren’t and also the weight of those variables is continually altering.


It is not about “getting” top ratings. Getting ratings leaves open the implication that you are achieving an effect you don’t always deserve. Search engine marketing specialists concentrates on creating a website that’s exceptional in meeting your audience’s needs and makes top internet search engine positions.

Google utilizes a “massive set” of computer systems to crawl vast amounts of web pages. The program that will move through websites for Google is called Googlebot. Other search engines like Bing has a similar program known as “bingbots” while DucDucGo has “DucDucBot”.

Google has two excellent technical strategies for your images. First, use standard formats for the pictures. Stick to .jpg, .png, and .gif images. Second is speed. It is a vital element in consumer experience so give consideration to optimizing your images for appearance and size displayed. A technical recommendation for images by Bing is to keep all of your site images inside a separate folder in your server to simplify pathways for your images. Make use of a keyword within the directory reputation for your images. Use Alt tag in HTML and put the keyword for each picture.

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