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The process of optimizing any website or business with search engines to yield better search engine ranking is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As a result, it produces a better flow of traffic and generation of leads for that business. Well, this is not at all a simple task. For this, one needs to hire a reputable optimization service from a leading digital marketing company. And, exactly here comes ‘Extensive Ideas’, a premier SEO Company in Kolkata. If you are hailing from Kolkata, then you can get best and affordable services from them. The company is having a good network of well-experienced professionals who work together to provide you their best service at an affordable cost. The best thing regarding the company is that it offers you a 3 in 1 business solution. That is starting from providing a hosting and designing a website then filling the site with valuable content and finally marketing that site in Google effectively.


How They Operate

  • A reputable SEO service always makes a better implementation of keywords and prepare content with an objective to fetch better returns on investment for your company and the ‘Extensive Ideas’ exactly does that.
  • Another good thing regarding them is that they first analyze your needs and then suggest a suitable package and solution.
  • The company always follows effective white hat methods of doing SEO and work effortlessly to fetch the 1st position in Google for your website by following all the rules set by them.
  • They follow every step-by-step process of both Off and On Page Optimization.
  • Their entire SEO service is as per the latest Google’s algorithm updates that help you in getting a permanent ranking for your website.
  • Hence, you get the best exposure for your site and business and thereby generate better leads and returns for your company within a very short time.

Reason For Hiring Extensive Ideas As Your SEO Service Provider

  • They offer you a 3 in 1 business solution.
  • Starting from providing a hosting and designing a website they also fill the site with valuable content and market that site in Google.
  • They offer all the services at an affordable cost that suits not only your requirements but also suits your budget.
  • They have an excellent team of well-experienced professional who always work as a team to provide you the most efficient SEO service at an affordable cost.
  • They have been serving customers for years now. Thus, today they have created a benchmark of having more than 300 clients with over 350+ projects ongoing right now.
  • They are currently working with top local MNCs and Education centers across Kolkata, which just proves that they are one of the best SEO Company in Kolkata.



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