• Link Assitant
  • Web Ceo
  • White Spark
  • Moz
  • SEMrush
  • Traffic Travis
  • Woo Rank
  • Ahrefs
  • GTmetrix
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • Check My Links
  • Keyword tool dots io
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Research Tool
  • Google Analytics
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Majestic SEO
  • CopyScape
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Best SEO software and their comparison

SEO has become highly popular these days to draw organic traffic to your websites. Just you have to choose the right SEO software to serve your purpose.Take a look at the top best SEO software and just review the comparison and choose the best one for you.

Importance of SEO Tools and SEO Tool Comparison
SEO tools generate and increase organic traffic from search engines by accumulating essential information and data about your website’s search engine results. Many of the SEO software come with multiple features. Using SEO tools are time-saving, economical and efficient. SEO tools also make you aware whether your website’s SEO strategies are by Google terms and conditions.

But SEO tools never guarantee that your site’s search engine page will rank high. However, the best SEO tools can add to the value of your website and can increase your ranking in search engines. Different tools offer various services, and so we have come up with SEO tools comparison for your convenience. Here you are the best judge to decide which one is best applicable for you.

Research of appropriate Keywords
You should be aware of the words your audience search on the search engine as this is a very vital part of SEO.SEO tools come with the features of finding the highly searched keywords which in turn optimize your websites by generating high traffic. Keyword Ranking, Keyword generators, Keyword tracking are the most important features the best SEO tools can offer.

Link building
Links from other websites help search engines to see whether your site is of relevance to the industry you are dealing with and also contributes to judge the reliability. Best SEO toolkits target those websites that can provide high quality and reliable links. Link analysis and link tracking are the valuable features they usually offer.

Analysis of your market Competitors
The best SEO software identifies your competition. This feature should help you know the keyword targets comparison, inbound links, traffic generated and search engine rankings. With this feature, you can see your competitors SEO strategies so that you can aim to reach the similar position.

Generating Reports & proper Tracking
SEO tools should allow you to make custom reports keeping your branding. Keyword effectiveness, link performance, and your website’s conversion rate should be incorporated in your report. Try to find an SEO tool that can help you optimize your site using the reports provided.

SEO Tool Customer Support
Customer support is a vital part you should not forget while choosing the best SEO tools. It is essential for you if any problem arises in future.

Best SEO Softwares: 20 top softwares

1. Link Assitant

It has Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and Link Assitant. With it, they also have a social media tool Buzz Bundle. The SEO Suite comes with the one-time purchase price and monthly to 3 years search engine also update. Buzz Bundle can give you latest social media posts and Q&A sites links which can boost your traffic and search rank. It provides you high-quality on-page analysis to off page link hunting scope. As the Targetted Negative SEO is growing it’s spy keeps you safe from the bad links. The updated rank checking will give you further range to know and work according to the need of the site.

2. Web Ceo
For SEO or SMM and professional reports Web, Ceo is the most effective internet marketing podium. They include B2B as one of their fantastic features. At the end of the day, they have proved to be the most professional service provider having advanced and scientifically designed pricing which will benefit you to get the best plan for your particular needs. Free trail is available with them which you can try to see whether they validate their claims to be the most professional service provider.

3. White Spark

Possibly the only and the best tool available to know and build more citation. For an improved local search visibility, this tool only put emphasis on improving local SEO. If you want an SEO tool for the same purpose, then you can give a try to this particular software. They offer you more than one tool which you can get by visiting their websites. One great free tool they recently launched with which you can generate a custom link to post a review on your local page can be accessed here. Google Review Link Generator

4. Moz
Moz said to be the largest link database in the world can bring their sound link analysis technology. They bring it to you with detail analysis of all backlinks and their quality. You may even analyze your competitor and build a proper backlink growth plan. With this, you will get features such as Rank Tracking, Search Visibility Score, Competitor Rank Tracking, Local Rankings, Mobile Rankings, SERP for Universal Enhanced Search Rankings. You are powered by Keyword Research, Intuitive Suggestions, Accurate Volume Estimates, Link Profile Analysis, Spam Analysis. Correct on site problems with Site Audits, Crawl Alerts with duplicate content and titles with broken links.

5. SEMrush

Another good software brings for you detail search and social analysis at one place. It gives you competitor analysis, rank tracking. In-depth advertising research with Ad strategies and budget planning, online travel and new competitor analysis. How you can localize your ad that is also analyzed. It brings you deep link analysis, referring domain quality, type of backlinks with geolocation. Build video marketing with it and uncover effective video ad that can bring result. Discovering top add givers you can earn increase ROI. Keyword research has been a fundamental of all software, and it also brings the same for you. Analyze your product listing advertisement and put an analysis for E-commerce PPC marketing to enhance and improve it. Visual comparison of domain related data and other visual charts. Audit your website pages and improve their quality. It will give you an idea of the Google’s ranking factor affecting you with recommendations to improve on it.

6. Traffic Travis
Traffic Travis access the quality keywords for you in its keyword analysis section. Gaining valuable backlinks from the potential sources with detail competitor analysis build juicy and free traffic for you. It brings the scope to see the top ranking content and make the same for you focusing keywords which can boost traffic for you.

7. Woo Rank
A tool that can read your pages as search engine’s crawlers would and give you the suggestions what are the factors that can improve your ranking. It brings with it the competitor analysis and shows how your site figures against three leading competitors. Social insight, Backlink analyzer, rank tracking are few areas where it can help you find a reason if it’s not performing.

8. Ahrefs
Bringing in one more valuable tool for crawling and understanding the search and link behavior. Work for you as a rank tracker for desktop and mobile both. You can use it as URL tester, backlink analyzer, content explorer, search volume data exporter. A unique thing that it brings in is lost backlink analysis on a daily basis. You can execute the requests in the form of a batch request for the domain to URL analysis.

9. GTmetrix

For any site to be search engine friendly, you need a fast and well-compressed site from many angles. To know which are the factors that are delaying your site loading speed this is the best place to learn that. It even gives you ten URL’s regular crawling update with a free account.

10. SEO Site Checkup

If you are looking for a free tool to start with here is one for you FREE SEO TOOL. It will give you a good amount of calculation free of cost for many factors that may worry you.

11. Check My Links

Another free tool to check your broken backlinks. It comes as a Chrome extension and needs precaution while using as due to its free nature your domain may get banned due to the wrong usage. Get it here.

12. Keyword tool dots io

A tool that can give you lots and lots of keyword suggestion free of cost for many platforms and in premium version will allow you to add much more.

13. Alexa Traffic Rank

Known as the best site ranking tool as it ranks the sites as per the traffic flow. They have started the same long time back and now considered as an industry standard to check and list websites as per their traffic.

14. Google Search Console

A place we regularly use to communicate and connect with Google search engine. Here we get a lot of data but hardly look into them. The amount of data available from this place is staggering. We can get our rank tracker as it reflects top level keywords. The ranking is given in Four ways with detail explanation of location and page with traffic. It offers the scope to learn the mistakes done and undo them. Make the page more interactive with data marking feature. Improvise with other available features.

15. Google Keyword Research Tool

Only free keyword analysis tool which gives you the power to test, know and learn about keywords. Build keyword competition report as per the time and year. Get a graphical summary of which keyword is working the best for you in which month is allowing you to predict the business output. With many other features, you can test it in many other extensive ways.

16. Google Analytics

One of the largest and widely used tool to get detail analysis of the people who visit your site. It can give you data segmenting social, business and search to geo-targeting and gender to age as factors. Many other alterations can be done here if you use the tool to its maximum capacity and it comes free of cost.

17. Bing Webmaster Tools

Another useful tool to hint you where the improvement is needed from few of its possible factors.

18. Majestic SEO

One of the tools which analyze your site from the aspects of the SEO in every aspect giving details of the trust flow to backlink and competitor analysis it brings a lot to you so you can improve.

19. CopyScape

Widely used plagiarism checker. Comes in free to low premium cost and easy to use.

20. Small SEO Tools

Brings a plethora of tools which can give you many types of analysis done from paid sources. A great attempt to keep things free.

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