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Delivered Digital Marketing Training at IIT, Kharagpur, IIM, Calcutta, Army Institute of Management, Kolkata

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Leading Digital Marketing Trainer Mr Omkar Nath Nandi is an experienced digital marketing professional worked with more than 500 businesses and professionals. Trained students from IIT, Kharagpur, Montepelier University (Online), IIM, Calcutta, Army Institute of Management and in Industry.
With an experience of one decade in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Paid Marketing he worked with more than 500 businesses. Providing services to small to medium scale business and professionals. The major factor was turning loss loss-making the businesses profitable in a short phase of time. With accurate digital analysis against the competitors, he could bring change to increase ROI.
His vast experience helped him gain deep insight into the details of organic traffic and consistent growth of many businesses. This helped others replicate the same with intelligent business planning and execution by Mr. Omkar.
Starting from managing regular works of digital marketing to web designing to creative marketing he could lead a team of enthusiastic professionals to bring the magical solution to other businesses. Removing the trace of any bad experience related to SEO, SMO, PPC & Digital Marketing works he created long lasting long-lasting relations with many others.
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My Training and  Digital Marketing Services Details

Digital Marketing has brought a huge change in the thinking and approach of buyers and sellers in today’s world. It’s now driving consumers to understand the quality of a product and compare it with its competitors while giving the corporate house an opportunity to drive more buyers for them.

It is a new trend which is accepted by business houses to government nowadays. They plan their budget accordingly and keep a part of their marketing expenditure for the digital marketing. Whether they recruit in-house digital marketer or hire a company to do their work all depends on their budgeting and scope of work.

We understand the need is long-term and no one is thinking about a short-term plan now. If they are doing so, it’s just a waste of time and money without any positive gain.


I bring digital marketing to you in an entirely different format, starting from short-term Workshop or Seminar to long-term training. Having trained hundreds of students across the world and conducted training sessions on digital marketing at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta I bring the best of Digital for you.

Expertise on:

1. Keyword analysis, 2. Competition Analysis, 3. On-Site Analysis, 4. Off-Site Analysis, 5. Branding and Positioning, 6. keyword density analysis, 7. website ranking and tracking change.

SEO tools used:

1.Google Adwords Tool, 2.Traffic Travis, 3.Wordstream, 4.Web Ceo,, 6. White Spark Local SEO Analysis Tool and much more.

A detailed study of content marketing to link building at one side and paid marketing in the search engine to social media on another side I bring the latest in all these platforms and changes that we need to make to adapt to the changing digital world.

Now coming to the search engine optimisation, we can differentiate data in following parts:

1. Website Analysis and Designing and advanced use of WordPress with amazing designs.

2. Video Marketing to Video Content Creation, we take your brand beyond your thought.

3. Building captivating Content that speaks volume and has the capability to reach a large audience.

4. Images that entice and attract you to solve the traffic and conversion issues.

5. Audio is going to rule future marketing, how you can use that capability to market your brand.

Based on these requirements we have modulated our course accordingly. For Workshop and Seminar following discussions are done:

Definition, purpose, and scope of digital marketing: Introduction to Internet Marketing Websites. Their impact on Market. With the impact of digital marketing on business. Building customer relationships online and permission marketing. Definitions, history, and development of digital marketing.

Planning, Strategy, and Testing with best practice approaches to online marketing and campaigning. Learn and understand tools used in a digital marketing campaign with multi-channel marketing. Learn when to test, and what to test. Learning by doing (better and better)

Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC): How search engines work. Keyword research analysis and tools. What are the best link building techniques and how they help your rankings? How to set up and optimise Pay-Per-Click advertising in Adwords campaign (keywords, bid, ad copy and creative ads). Improve ROI by optimising Landing pages.

Email Marketing overview with a brief on email marketplace. The role of ESPs (email service providers) Threats and challenges for email marketers. Segmenting your database: eCRMIncreasing your open and click-through rates Email design & development do’s and doughnuts.

Social Media The ‘Big Four’: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Social listening and sentiment analysis Getting hands-on: Organising Social Media: internal structures/ responsibilities, workflows A strategic approach to social media

Mobile Marketing and Apps A look at the mobile landscape and its massive growth of mobile-based Internet traffic. Running Ads on Mobile devices using mobile web Location-based services: why, what and how?

Usability & UX Copy and Design: Creating an information architecture that delivers quality and maintains the importance of customer interaction. What is User-focused Design? How Best practice methodologies are explaining the importance of User Testing

Web Analytics and Metrics Launching, your website, is just the beginning of Onsite Analytics: How to test An iterative approach to optimisation.

Online Display Advertising The display ecosystem: Media agencies, publishers and ad networks Ad formats: from traditional to new Creative considerations: interruptive or permission-based? Latest display advertising trends

While the regular course has 25 modules spread across three months, we cover the entire module on a One to One Training Online as well. The modules can be studied here with a few other details:

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