We all know that videos are the latest online marketing trend. Therefore, every leading marketer across the globe implementing video marketing to promote their services or products. The main reason behind this is that videos always fetch better results compared to any other forms of advertising like texts, banner ads, display ads, etc. Video marketing is the process of incorporating video into your marketing campaigns for promoting your company, product or services. Well-crafted and high-converting video always appeal to your targeted audiences and lure them to see your videos and that redirect them to your site. In this way, you can simply boost the flow of traffic to your website through your videos and with the presence of an appealing call to action button, you can easily convert your visitors into clients.
Benefits of Video Marketing

  • It helps you to get maximum exposure for your business by promoting your service and products.
  • It helps you in pulling massive traffic to your company website by bringing in larger targeted audiences to your website.
  • Videos Showcases your message to your target audience much in a better way compare to any other forms of marketing.
  • Video marketing helps you to generate better leads for your business that ultimately help you in boosting your business ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Marketers can get much mileage with a single video through incorporating it to all marketing channels starting from email to landing pages, squeeze pages, etc.
  • Further, as per the market research firms, the online video audiences have reached 84.5% in the United States alone and its growing in the same ratio globally also.
  • It has also revealed that a website with video is fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of Google compare to its competition.
  • Whether you are promoting your websites, landing pages, sales pages, videos always help you to convert more users.
  • Videos further help you to retain your target audiences or visitors to your site for a longer period thus reducing your site’s bounce rate.

Ways to Do Video Marketing

  • Well, first you need to create an appealing and stunning looking video for your business, services, products, or whatever you are going to promote online
  • After you create the video, you need to publish it on every leading video sharing sites to get better exposure.
  • In this regard, the most feasible option is to upload your videos on YouTube, the biggest video sharing website of the world.
  • Then you need to share your videos on other video sharing and hosting sites such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, and others
  • After that, you need to optimize your video in Google Search. You can optimize your video on YouTube to get a 1st-page ranking in google as well.
  • For this, you need to implement certain SEO tactics for your video and optimize that in Google to fetch 1st-page ranking on your target keywords.

Once your videos get the top ranking on all your target keywords, then you will be getting maximum exposure and leads for your business through these videos.

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