What is Black Hat SEO?

The Black Hat SEO is commonly known and defined as the process of SEO (Search engine optimization) that is not approved by Google. It is the disapproved process of boosting the ranking of a website, which is against the terms and algorithm updates of a search engine like Google. Well, for details one can always go through the Google Webmaster guidelines and as well as the Bing webmaster guidelines to know what are the good practice of SEO. We need to understand here, that every search engine mostly focuses on whether your website is giving some value addition to the general public or not. It means that if people do not see any resource from your site, but still your site is ranked on the top page of search results then it’s the case of rank manipulation. This very practice is mainly known as Black Hat SEO, which means you are somehow forcing search engines to provide you your desired rankings even if your site is not offering anything rational to the general public. Search engines usually blacklist those sites that use Black Hat methods to get the first-page ranking and so we never recommend this to you.

What Are the Black Hat Tactics?

Here, we are going to discuss the different tactics and ways of Black Hat SEO, that is, what one does in a Black Hat SEO.

  • Content Automation
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hidden links or Texts
  • Reporting a Competitor
  • Site cloning
  • Devious redirects

Various Techniques of Black Hat SEO

So guys, till now you must have become familiar with what Black Hat SEO. Now, let’s discuss here the various techniques of Black Hat SEO.

  • Article Spinning
  • Manipulating Backlinks by purchasing links, link schemes, etc.
  • Link wheels
  • Building various link networks or PBN (Private Blog Network)
  • Sending automated queries to Google
  • Creating websites, subdomains with spammy and duplicate content

All these are some popular Black Hat techniques followed by Black Hat SEO professionals who use them to fetch faster rankings for a website by manipulating search engine ranking results. As an SEO professional one must be well aware of what methods they are supposed to follow and what they should not, as then only one can guide clients as an SEO consultant.

Are Black Hat SEO Techniques Suitable For You?

It entirely depends on you whether to go for this method or implement White Hat methods. If you are planning to kick off a business and want to boost that through effective search engine ranking for your site, then you should always go for White Hat SEO. Rather, we will suggest you never go for Black Hat as Google does not approve these practices and it can even get your site banned forever.

Still Affiliate Marketers who work with short-term targeted approach on different products with individual and different domain names, do use Black Hat methods of optimization to pull maximum traffic in a short period of time. But these techniques are very short lived and may be in future, they might not even work on short term projects as well.

Now when you all are aware of the fact that is how much traffic is coming daily through Google. So will you sacrifice such a golden opportunity to lose all these targeted clients just by doing a Black Hat for a short term ranking gain? Certainly not! Right? You need to decide patiently in which way you want to proceed. So, there you have it, every detail regarding Black Hat SEO. We hope this article has helped you in your learning process.

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