A network of domains or content sharing platforms connected with each other owned by a person. This can be built by a single person or a group or writers or bloggers as well. PBN is considered to be dangerous and Google take’s strict punishment for misuse of this technology to build a high amount of useless backlinks to any website. So, while describing it the first thing that we are doing it placing a caution on the work of building a PBN to optimize your site.

But if you are a regular writer or have a team of enthusiastic writers or content creators what you can do is write or create content for multiple urls that comes from purchased domains, web 2.0 blogging sites, social media pages, video sharing sites, audio sharing sites, image sharing sites and many other places.

This gives you a scope to connect those contents in between the network to have robust content distribution among the available materials. As the connections would be going across different platforms and website’s, you will notice a high amount of crawling and better indexing of the content and urls.

In this vast mass of linking or connections if you choose to place one of your URL which then connects to many quality content pages of the PBN made for that content page you will see a change in your rank.

But after penguin and panda, Google came down heavily on the misuse of PBN’s like Linkvana and BuildMyRank. They misused the availability of a technical aspect to building unrelated and fake backlinks from many sites.

And if you have your own ten blog’s and write for each one in the periodic gap and connect a page to few of the pages of those blog’s it will not harm you as you not breaching Google policy of misuse of PBN technology.

But before buying an expired domain always consider few things:

  1. Check the age of the expired site.
  2. Since when the site was not renewed?
  3. What content was running on the expired domain before it was left without renewal?
  4. What is its DA (Domain Authority) AND PA (Page Authority)?
  5. Check the spam metrics of the domain from Moz.

All these should define which expired domain you are buying and what it will do to your site if you take’s a backlink from a content page of it. All these factors should define what steps you need to take to build a proper content sharing network which just looks like a PBN, but it’s not a PBN. And stay safe from any Google Penalty.

Here is a possible way to build a PBN and an average costing required to make it. This PBN is said to be safe as no content spamming or link spamming is done in it rather a network of content based sites are built for you.

  1. 25 .com old expired domains – 18000
  2. 25 web 2.0 sites – 5000
  3. 25 social media pages – 5000
  4. Total 75 target sites each with ten content each comes to 750 content – 40000
  5. 50 – 100 unique images – 5000
  6. 750 – audio files – 10000
  7. 750 video files – 20000
  8. Total: 100000 (final cost) (you can keep 25% from it) final payment to me 75000.


Step by Step Payment:

  1. First, installment needed Rs 50000 (you can keep 10000 from it)
  2. Second payment to needed 25000 ( you can save 75000 from it)
  3. Third payment to be made 25000 (you can save 75000 from it)


How this will be built:

1st step:

  1. write 750 content – 40000
  2. create 50 – 100 unique images – 5000
  3. create 750 – audio files – 10000

2nd step:

  1. create 750 video files – 20000
  2. create 25 web 2.0 sites – 5000
  3. create 25 social media pages – 5000

3rd step:

  1. Build 25 .com domain based website from old expired domains – 18000

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