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Digital Marketing Workshop kolkata with Digital marketing seminar in kolkata

In the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, people started their move towards a technologically advanced life. In the path of building a gross social culture, the human has developed many path breaking technologies. In this growth of technological innovation, people contributed from many places. From the smallest to biggest innovations and entrepreneurial moves built today’s business ecosystem. Where not only government’s get’s benefitted, but the society also benefits. We now have a far advanced financial system which in the early tech edge suffered many hacks but stabilised on its fault lines. The technological growth will help to monitor, restore and safeguard the financial system. When we think of the time when technological growth started, and compare the same with today’s system, there is a sea of change we see everywhere, that may be in the stock exchange, market economy, e-governance, e-banking, e-finance management and many to come.

With this, we see many more changes in many other areas as well. If we talk about stock management, labour management, communication management, marketing and promotion. We see digitisation and implementation of digital technology in every sector. No one can say they don’t Google. As of today, Google generates nearly 2-3 Million searches every minute; it can be more ( data collected from how Google works page). In this technologically advanced edge and social environment, we even have social interaction in digital form.

With the growth of Society, we can see most of our time spent for even social conversations or interactions done online on social media sites or apps. We can no longer avoid them and can neither think of avoiding them to market anything, that may be a product or personality or a brand. We need focused and determined attitude to build our presence digitally. Without a proper digital branding now a day’s Brands are left nowhere and people with business keeps hunting for leads and clients.

It is very clear as wee see many companies now converted to digital companies either with their e-Commerce venture or working as a vendor in leading e-Commerce websites. And generating business in Billions of Dollars. It is an indication we can not leave the Digital Part anymore from our life, and it will keep growing. The impact of it is still far less but in future, it will far stronger and hard hitting. Businesses and Government’s and Professional’s still thinking of starting this Digital War can no longer avoid it. ( I would term it as digital war, as to build and maintain a digital profile out of a niche area we need to be on our toes every time with a dedicated focus towards its growth and a war on our mind to outrank the competitors in the toughest of the keywords or areas).

So, what are you doing about this digital growth? Do you know how much you are missing and how much you can gain? Do you still know who are your competitors and what they are doing to outrank you or your business? It’s not just the knowledge of building the quality product and providing on time service with highest quality parameters is necessary, knowledge of understanding and outranking the competitors is also another important dish need to be added to the menu of business and its marketing.

Business houses still not concerned about the digital marketing and not thinking of it are requested to attend our Workshops and Seminars to learn the prospective growth and defending existing business. We will discuss how and where you are losing out and what you need to implement. With the growing marketing and economy, students must attend them to enlighten their knowledge and understanding of the scope of digital marketing, how they can get a great career in it and what are its essential growth parameters helping professionals build a strong career out of nothing. Even with simple graduation people can reach a salary of a Million Rupees given he has the mettle to handle and take the digital marketing of any firm, brand and his personality to that level.

Come to Mr Omkar Nath Nandi’s Digital World and understand the fast growing life of Digital Marketing now. Give a Call +91-9836375842. We train you without any compromise.

We bring for you the most advanced digital marketing in our Digital Marketing Workshop in kolkata, search engine optimisation, social media marketing related seminar and workshop right here in Kolkata. We do conduct Online seminars through Google Hangout from time to time and can arrange customised seminars for you or your company or a group of an enthusiast as well. The knowledge that is shared is path breaking and top notch. What leading organisations are doing to promote their business and take them to the leader’s position come learn with us. To know the best and most advanced analytical tools to work with digital marketing joining our seminars will definitely help you.

Digital Marketing Workshop Kolkata

With Years of experience in working with variety of clients and different working conditions we have learnt the science of optimization in different ways. The latest use of TNS (Targeted Negative SEO) to the Digital Branding Process we have come across many factors that take down the branding and even boost your brand availability with visibility. The major reason why organisations fail to convert the leads are all well discussed and how you can retain the existing customer base with retention building digital marketing that is also explained in detail. Most of the time Search Optimizers work with historic ways of SEO but it has changed a lot now. What are the changes and how they can be used and applied for you will be discussed and explained in details.

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We bring you Digital Marketing Workshop with complete planning and management of infrastructure. Starting from Course planning and certification, we also provide facility management. With hotel booking and transport management of the trainee participants. With that fooding and all other things are well managed. So that, a trainee can focus on the training and learn maximum from the workshop. With that, we provide the training in a quality environment so no one face any problem using their laptop or tab.

With this, we bring our participants a world-class Digital Marketing Workshop Covering 9 Areas of expertise and 25 Modules of Training (Number of modules to be covered will be decided by the number of days provided for the seminar).

For a detail and comprehensive discussion on the workshop kindly call: +91-9836375842 / 7890002020